A Generation of Movers

The film “3 Zimmer/Küche/Bad” (3 Rooms/Kitchen/Bathroom) shows a group of friends in their midtwenties who are always on the move. It caputres them during one year of their lifes: They help each other out when they move from one flat to another and from one relationship to another. During that year they are studying, starting their first jobs or new lifes. They are somehow all standing at a turning-point in their individual lifes.

– There is this one guy who is living alone and is not able to hold a stable relationship (who ends up with a child und soon-to-be wife).

– There is one guy who moves in with his girlfriend (but they end up breaking up and going their own ways living in shared flats again).

– There is one guy living in a shared flat who is palnning on moving in with his long-distance girlfriend (naturally she gives up everything for him and he betrays her).

– There are those two friends sharing an apartment and who in the end they drift apart (with one moving into a single apartment whilst the other one stays on her own).

Somehow their way of living always reflects the personal situation they are in. They have to start over again and again, moving from one flat to another and from one city to another. You can find every living-situation imaginable in the film and it is always changing. From living alone, to shared flats, to couples moving in together.  All this happens in 3 room-flats (as the title implies).

But why are these everyday-life stories so interesting you might ask? Are they that special?

At first sight it might look like it is always about them – this specific group of friends – but it is also a good portrait of the this generation of twenty-somethings. They are always on the move. If something does not suit us anymore it is time to move on/out. An ended relationship equals a new flat, a new career means a bigger flat and so on.

We move from one city to another for the perfect study program. We move away to do various internships only for the sake of chasing after the perfect reference to include into our CV. We are having long distance-relationships because we can’t stay at one place long enough and settle down (which forces us again to be on the move constantly). We leave everything behind to fulfill our personal dreams.

Nowadays we have every option imaginable. We are used to have this luxurious freedom to choose the path of life we are dreaming of. We were raised as a self-confident generation that wants everything and everything at once. We will always be chasing after something because there will always be some piece of our personal puzzle missing. We grew up to be a generation that also has everything. We didn’t revolt against the system, we didn’t have to fight for something like so many generations before us. It seems like we are more self-centered, never fighting for the common good but always for the individual one. This film captures this way of feeling quite perfectly just by picturing a flat-switching group of friends.


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